Ryan Mendoza

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My painting is America. I'm a Painter, not a Patriot.

Ryan Mendoza


“Ryan, how much do you miss America?” Fabia asks, while helping him hang ‘Waterguns’, a large white canvas covered with toy ceramic pistols, fixing them at regular intervals to put on display. "Dunno, Not so much. Indeed, not at all, I would say. I bring America with me. Home of the Brave, comics, TV, racism, Norman Rockwell, pornography, Puritans, houses of the poor, wives of the rich, boxing, pinups, cowboys, Everything is mine, heroes, George Bush, the obese, the founding fathers, Disneyland, weapons, anorexia, Rosa Parks, the model family, Columbine, my father, my mother." „My painting is America. I’m a Painter, not a Patriot.“ ---------- Mendoza, Ryan nach Mendoza, Fabia: Active Shooter, Iemme Edizioni, 2020 // https://ryan-mendoza.com

Painting of a portrait of Ryan Mendoza