Being Harvey - Short film

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Porn, painting, politics. This is a Teaser/Video Art of Being Harvey Project. The US-American artist Ryan Mendoza and his wife, the Berlin-based filmmaker Fabia Mendoza, are in a marital crisis. Fabia has no desire to be Ryan's muse anymore. She refuses to model for her husband with other young men and women and to fulfill Ryan's intimate desires under creative pretexts. Doggedly, Fabia attempts to use this film project to free herself from financial and emotional dependence on her husband. Meanwhile, Ryan, shaken awake by his girlfriend, #MeToo pioneer Rose McGowan, begins to artistically grapple with his own identity as a heterosexual, white, male artist. Dressed in a Harvey Weinstein mask, he begins instigating art projects around the world. This is an excerpt of a film which still is a work in progress. -by Fabia Mendoza